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    Do not iron the edges so that they maintain their elasticity.

    retour WASHING

    Wash it the first time by itself without mixing colors, a cold cycle or at 30 ° to preserve the quality of the cotton. Then, you can wash your clothes together at 30 °. As a precaution, you can use an anti-fading tissue

    retour SIZE AND FIT

    For more comfort, we advise you to take one size up.

  • Michael, in Latin, meaning "Who is like God", is one of the seven major archangels.
    Leader of the heavenly militia of the angels of Good, he is mainly represented at the time of the end of time (Revelation / foundation of the Kingdom of God) as a winged knight, who overcomes the Devil during the war of the angels.

    Catholic T-shirt for Men "Jesus, the rock on which I stand"
    Its black color allows you a very large freedom of association.
    Micheal is made in China in a certified workshop.
    100% cotton

    I'm not ashamed to proclaim the Gospel

    🙏3$ will be given to "Secours Catholique" (Charity) for the purchase of this product. Thank you ! 🙏

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