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About Us

MALEAK is the fruit of the imagination of Guillaume, a French-American living in Bordeaux (Aquitaine, France). Maleak is the fruit of a personal and professional career that leads him to propose this website today.

Religious education
Guillaume grew up in his family environment and received a Catholic religious education since his childhood. The Catholic religion is very deeply rooted in this mother's family especially. A classical religious path followed with catechism classes, then his First Communion and finally this Confirmation. It was this last of the sacraments passed at that time that really attracted him: to transmit the word of God: this is the "mission" that I was given to do.
As a young person at the time, I had not yet grasped the scope and importance of this divine mission.

A professional path
Guillaume continued this life as a young catholic as many; passionate about marketing, he continued this school and university studies to finish with a BAC + 5 (MBA), Major in International Marketing. He then worked for about ten years, in a hospitality industry first, then in supermarket distribution.

A paternal trigger
Guillaume got married in 2014 and had a wonderful daughter in 2015 who literally changed this outlook on life itself. he learnt to love differently...
Fatherhood made him realized: he was not necessarily happy and fulfilled in this professional life: he was always very busy with work, he didn't really enjoy this family times, this friends... and he wanted to do other things, to blossom elsewhere, to help people, to develop this own business...

It's in this context that he decided to set up this business in 2018: he always had this desire to be a self-entrepreneur but he wanted it to be meaningful, to build something concrete and in the best case HELP.

So he decided to create something that resembles him and to which he is sensitive: to do this duty as a good Catholic, to fulfil the mission that my God entrusted to him and to which he committed himself when he was confirmed years ago: to make the good word known and to transmit it, while helping associations: it's in this perspective that Maleak was born.

When you wear Maleak, you also become an apostle, an angel (the names of the products bear the names of "important" people, who have contributed to the transmission of the word of God), to transmit the word of God to the world.

Congratulations, you also participate in financing "Le secours Catholique": we commit ourselves to donate 3$ per item purchased to this association.

We want to transmit the word of God in a way that resembles us: uncomplexed, young and dynamic.
It's our ambition to talk about catholisism simply and with kindness and tolerance.

We sincerely hope that you like our products but also that they allow you to transmit a message that is dear to all of us!

welcome to you "Maleak"

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