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    Do not iron the edges so that they maintain their elasticity.

    retour WASHING

    Wash it the first time by itself without mixing colors, a cold cycle or at 30 ° to preserve the quality of the cotton. Then, you can wash your clothes together at 30 °. As a precaution, you can use an anti-fading tissue

    retour SIZE AND FIT

    For more comfort, we advise you to take one size up.

  • Matthew is a Jewish character linked to Galilee who first appears in the Synoptic Gospels, where he is called either Matthew or Levi. He is described there as a tax collector, whom Jesus calls to become one of his twelve apostles.

    Catholic T-shirt for Men "Pick Jesus"
    Matthew is made in China in a certified workshop.
    Cotton / Polyester

    Pick Jesus

    🙏3$ will be given to "Secours Catholique" (Charity) for the purchase of this product. Thank you ! 🙏

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